Exhibitor Lead Tracking

ROI is more important than ever. Stats show that exhibitors attend events to gather leads. We provide your exhibitors with intelligent, data capture & lead generation tools that ensure they maximise every opportunity at your show. We have a range of electronic lead capture solutions to suit every one. These include our Info Tracker Handheld and the Infotracker App

Infotracker App

Want to use your own iPhone, iPad or Android powered mobile device?

The Infotracker App is free to download from the App Store and Google Play.

For more information on the App please visit the website.

For Australian shows, please visit https://au.infotracker.app

For Middle East shows, please visit https://uae.infotracker.app

Info Tracker Handheld

Want a portable unit?

The Info Tracker Handheld is a portable unit. The scanner and battery are inbuilt into the unit.

To scan a barcode you simply point the top of the unit at the barcode and press the silver button located on the side of the unit. Once you have scanned the barcode you can assign qualifiers and also add notes using the stylus.

You also have the ability to review and edit your leads at any point.

Want one?

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