• Konduko

    Konduko is a pioneer in smart venue and smart events. Using proximity and other frictionless technologies, smart venues are those that deploy technology to improve overall user experience: from venue access, business and attendee interaction, to contactless payment. Konduko is one of the most exciting *smart* technologies on the market. Over the past 2 years Konduko achieved outstanding results for our partners and customers: 1. Over 81% attendee engagement 2. Over 90% exhibitor penetration, and, most excitingly 3. Over 48% post-show engagement We are achieving these numbers because it is 100% frictionless. No app. No internet. With such a large sample size, the possibilities to monetize and improve overall visitor experience are endless.

  • InGo


    Unlike traditional, top-down, blunt-force marketing, InGo empowers users to become co-marketers. InGo facilitates word-of-mouth marketing to intelligently targeted friends and colleagues. This type of person-to-person marketing cuts through the noise of advertising and creates unparalleled brand affinity by connecting the event brand to personal brands, driving not just growth, but the right kind of growth. Event organizers average double-digit attendance growth when they utilize InGo to its full potential. Top organizers like Reed Exhibitions, UBM, Emerald Expositions, Fiera Milano and more have implemented InGo as the definitive growth tool.

  • Grip

    Grip unlocks valuable connections at your event, saving attendees time and hard work. We use advanced algorithms to recommend the right people and present them in an easy to use swiping interface that your attendees will love.


    The EXPOCAD suite of software products are used to create, manage and market events and exhibitors in the trade, corporate, consumer, fairs and festival industries from the launch to close of show. Complementing the organising tools, EXPOCAD WEB, EXPOCAD FX and EXPOCAD Mobile assist organisers in marketing events and exhibitors online, in print and in the palm of their hands. For more advanced programming need, EXPOCAD EDGE providers powerful new tools for linking to external software. From the smallest table tops to the largest shows on 3 continents, nearly $1 Billion in space is managed by EXPOCAD annually.